Do you know that one in three people in the US is a Walmart customer?

Well, there is no denying the fact that the long-awaited Walmart Black Friday Sale is about to begin. Black Friday is just around the corner with endless possibilities for sellers around the world.

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So what is the best way to take advantage of each and every opportunity that will provide numerous benefits for online retailers and sellers?

The answer is: by joining the fastest growing eCommerce marketplace in the world, Walmart.

Walmart Black Friday Sale 2022, this year starts soon.

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For a seller, this is a great opportunity to make the most of this Black Friday Sale shopping carnival.

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When to start Black Friday sales at Walmart?

Walmart kicks off Black Friday sales early on the online platform. So, this year, the Black Friday online sale is expected to start on Monday, November 21, 2022, while the Walmart store sales will start on the day of Black Friday, November 25, 2022. However, The market holds different sales events throughout the month of November.

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For example, last year’s first Black Friday sales event kicked off online on November 3 (November 5 in-store). Then the second event started on November 10 (November 12 in the store). Finally, the third sales event started on November 22 (November 26 in-store). These dates vary each year and the best Black Friday shopping hours for 2022 have yet to be announced.

If you haven’t tried this marketplace yet, you now have plenty of time to list your products on Walmart so you’re all set when the Black Friday sales kick-off.

Why is Walmart the best destination for sellers on Black Friday?

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Walmart has long been popular for its ability to shake up the stock market by boosting sales during the holiday season. The Fortune report found that last year saw a 29% increase in Walmart’s online sales, which was higher than any other online marketplace in the world. Additionally, Walmart took 8.8% of online transactions last year in Black Friday sales.

Here are some of the stats from last year’s Black Friday:

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88 million shoppers shopped during the 2021 Black Friday sales
More than 41% of Black Friday shoppers made their purchase online at Walmart
8.5% of the share of retail consumption was recorded on this platform
59% of Black Friday consumers shopped by visiting the Walmart retail store
Walmart has a more than 19% share of total food and beverage sales
This massive number shows that Walmart really does have the potential for aggressive expansion, which in turn brings benefits to its sellers around the world.

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